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The average human spends around 30% of their life or 8 hours per day in their bedroom. Your surroundings are what meet you every morning and there’s nothing worse than a drawer that won’t open properly, a bedside that’s not the right height, or a dressing table that juts out into the walkway because it doesn’t fit anywhere else.

So whether you’re looking to replace old furniture or to enhance your new home Coastwood Furniture is the place to go. We know how frustrating and difficult the furniture buying journey can be and identifying this need in the marketplace over 20 years ago, the founders of Coastwood Furniture sought to provide a solution and have now changed the way New Zealanders shop for furniture.

Think of the ideal scenario:

  1. Go to my local furniture store
  2. Browse the designs and styles available
  3. Customise some dimensions to suit the unique shape and size of my room
  4. Choose a colour which matches what I already have, or even stain-match to get it perfect
  5. Sleep easy – assured that your furniture will last

Coastwood supplies over 250 brick and mortar retailers throughout New Zealand including Harvey Norman, Big Save, Smiths City, Beds R Us, Bedpost, Van Dyks, Brownies along with some online only brands such as Smartfox, Cherry Tree and Plyhome. But what really sets us apart is that every single piece can be customised to your requirements, whether it is height, depth, length, colour, design or whatever we are there to help you through the journey. Couple those options with our commitment to: Making it EASY through superior customer service” you don’t need to look any further than COASTWOOD FURNITURE.


How We Began

Coastwood Furniture was established in 1997 by the Hill family in Greymouth, West Coast of New Zealand, solely as a chair manufacturer of only two designs. Coastwood has steadily grown over the years by increasing its product lines and ranges and is now able to supply furniture items for every room of your home.

In 2011 Coastwood Furniture bought Northwood Furniture, to become one of the main manufacturers of bedroom furniture in New Zealand. May 2014 brought about another major change with Coastwood taking over another well known New Zealand manufacturer Galleon Woodware. Things didn’t stop there with November 2015 being the month when Coastwood’s key competitor, Royal Furniture, closed its doors. This was another grand opportunity for Coastwood to expand and solidify its position in the market. This happened in December 2015 when Coastwood purchased all of Royals intellectual property and some of their key plant.

Today Coastwood Furniture is a leading furniture supplier to almost every furniture retailer in New Zealand and has a staff of over 40 employees.


Superior Service

Our priority is to provide professional advice by our competent sales team, coupled with premium customer service. Experience and expertise is essential to provide a service that is prompt, efficient and courteous; a service that attracts and retains delighted customers.


We believe that our staff are our most important assets and this has resulted in us providing excellent working conditions and therefore very dedicated staff and low staff turnover. This gives our customers the advantage of dealing with a very stable work force. With the implementation of the “Lean System” a proven system of “World Class Business Excellence”, into the Coastwood factory we are always working towards better efficiency and reduced delivery times. With the combination of these things we are able to provide the best service and value in the industry.



At Coastwood we manufacture ranges of furniture from bedroom, dining, occasional and entertainment – we do a huge range of styles to suit every taste. We also import some furniture from China to complement our NZ made ranges.

Frank Bedroom Suite



Business has grown due to our commitment to prompt personal service and communication with customers in regards to any special requirements or any queries that may arise. Innovative thinking along with a commitment to product development has been a fundamental element in the continued success of the business nationwide. Our goal is to offer every customer premium designs, quality products and impeccable customer service. We are committed to building long term business relationships with our customers through listening to their needs and supplying the solution. Being a family owned New Zealand Company with a vision and purpose and prepared for any challenge – we set ourselves apart. With our fast and friendly customer service team we strive to fix all issues when they arrive as fast and efficiently as possible.


We started making furniture over 40 years ago and have developed considerably since then. We realise the need to keep up to date with cutting edge technology and over the years we have invested in five CNC’s plus a number of other high-tech machines. By mastering the top of the line technology, we have built a sustainable business and can remain at the forefront of the industry.

Raw Materials

The main timber used by Coastwood Furniture is sustainably sourced New Zealand grown Radiata Pine. Coastwood Furniture also uses products such as plywood and MDF which are more suitable for the backs of units, drawer bases, headboard panels and other hidden areas. There is a high demand globally for quality Pine so forests in NZ are sustainably managed to ensure that quality timber will be available for generations to come. Therefore, when you choose a Coastwood product you are making a responsible choice.

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