Nordic window chest setting

Colour and Handle Options

Download the full range of colour and handle options below. Don’t forget we can also stain-match to your existing furniture!

Upholstery Fabric Guide

By now you’ve probably heard about all the great customisation options we offer here at Coastwood Furniture. And what better way to customise than with upholstery, with zillions of different fabrics to choose from. 

Drawer Runner Options

We have three drawer runner styles standard to different ranges. The classic wood-on-wood style used for generations proven time and again, standard metal runners or double extension runners which allow full visibility of the drawer. Talk to a retail sales person in your local furniture store for more information, or call us on 0800 369 963.


Delivery Process

We all know the feeling of excitement and expectation when we’ve ordered something new and have to patiently (or impatiently) wait for it to be delivered. At Coastwood Furniture our product will either be delivered to the store you have purchased through, or directly to you. Whichever method you’re dealing with, if you have any concerns relating to the delivery of your furniture, we’re here to explain how our delivery process works.


How to Assemble the Tori Chair

Furniture Care

You’ve bought some beautiful, quality furniture, now you need to maintain it to keep it looking the best…

Furniture Finishing Guide (Stains and Paints)

A comprehensive guide to stain and paint finishes on Coastwood furniture

Charitable Giving

At Coastwood Furniture we are committed to helping others and support a number of local and national charities each year. The worthy charities we select cover a wide range of causes.

Customer Service Policy

The Team at Coastwood Furniture have a passionate commitment to providing superior customer service. Click the button below to view our Customer Service and Quality Policy.

American Ash Variations

Check out the photos of different patterns which are expected to be found in the grain of solid American White Ash timber. These are normal, natural features which add to the beauty of the timber.

Tips for Moving Furniture

Whether you’re relocating or just rearranging, moving heavy furniture is a difficult job. Use these simple techniques to move heavy, awkward items without wrecking your back, your house or the furniture.

Bed Assembly Instructions

General slat bed assembly instructions.

Daybed Assembly Instructions

Frank/McKenzie/Karamea Bed Assembly Instructions

Sleepneat Bed Assembly Instructions

Trundler Assembly Instructions

Waihi 3 door buffet

Unit Fixing to Wall Instructions

Every 24 minutes tipped furniture or a falling TV sends an injured child to the emergency room. Please ensure all units above 500mm high are fixed securely to a wall to prevent serious injury or harm.

Timbers Used

The majority of our furniture is made from Radiata Pine timber which is sourced from sustainable FSC certified local forests. Consistent rainfall, sufficient sunlight, especially during Spring and Summer, and the cool climatic conditions of the West Coast region of New Zealand are the reasons why quality Pine flourishes in this region. The light consistent colour of Radiata Pine readily accepts stains and its general properties make it ideal for producing high-quality furniture.

We also use American White Ash on some ranges. American White Ash is a porous hardwood that is dense and hard-wearing. It grows across the entire Appalachian area on the East Coast of the United States. It has a definite, well-defined grain which shows up beautifully with any of our stains.

NZ Radiata Pine Plywood is used on some unit bases and backs. The strength of the thin plywood makes it a great product for this particular use.

Engineered wood is used on unit backs, drawer bases, headboard mountboards and some internal components. The smooth hard surface of engineered wood provides a great finish for paint so any units with a painted finish will contain other panels made from this.

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