Timber Characteristics

Our furniture is manufactured from quality timber and displays the individual characteristics of the type of species that have been used.

Similar to the fact that every persons face is different, wood is a natural material with variations of grain pattern, knots and colour in every piece. It is important that you do not mistake its unique properties as imperfections or flaws. The variations actually emphasize the unique nature and individuality of each piece. Due to these features and the natural variation in the grain of the timber, product colours may vary.

Timber will always lighten over time due to the action of light and air on the wood. This process is often called “mellowing” and is one of the most attractive features of natural timber. Some pieces of timber will colour more than others to form a unique individual pattern, so no two pieces are ever identical.

Different aged pieces may be used together which will appear different in colour. This difference will diminish as the newer pieces mellow.

Timber is porous just like your skin and it responds to different air conditions due to humidity and temperature change. All timber will display movement from season to season.Please do not be alarmed if some cracks appear, this is a completely normal response to the furniture environment. 

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We use laminated timber strips for all of our table tops to prevent unwanted bowing. Notice how this brings out the beautiful, unique and different colours of each piece of timber.

Notice the unique and different patterns which are expected to be found in the grain of solid American White Ash timber. These are normal, natural features which add to the beauty of  the timber.

The texture of radiata pine is fine, but uneven. The timber is fairly soft and has a low density, often with very wide annual growth rings. Due to this, unique patterns such as shown in this image is normal and to be expected. 

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